Monday, June 21, 2010

The Storm Made the News

This last weekend my husband and I were in Miles City, trying to get our rental home cleaned up as it was left a mess.  I have been very angry.  Unfortunately our recent weather reflects my inner feelings. Billings tornado yesterday, F-2 Rating. The Billings tornado touched down at 4:30 yesterday.  Thankfully no casualties.  Unusual news the last tornado to touch down here in Billings was about 50 years ago. Q2 has some amazing pictures from viewers.

We were driving home we hit some patches of rain between Forsyth, MT and Hysham, MT.  There was very little visibility and the wind just howled as it blew the rain at us.  Miles City is about 138 miles from Billings where we live.  As we came into town there were chunks of insulation everywhere.  I have seen many incredable pictures that were taken of the tornado as it hovered over the metra (sports arena).

As I watched the storm I thought about many things: the strong work ethic of my step daughter.  She is a very hard working ethical person.  I also thought of the many young people I know who do not have a good work ethic or integrity.  As parents, teachers and community members we need to give our children strong boundaries and teach them to be accountable for their behavior. The young people who have these tools seem to be better all round citizens have healthier relationships and better feelings of self worth .  We do them lots of harm when they don't learn these lessons young when the cost is cheaper.  At school I see young people who do not have this core sense of self worth.  They struggle with problems at school often lying and choosing self sabotaging behavior. We leave them to struggle to learn these lessons as adults.

If they are still acting irresponsible - not paying bills, leaving rentals a mess they soon destroy their own credit and that of  family members who try to make things right.  Sometimes like big storms there are minor casualties in their relationships with us, but over time there are bound to experience fatalities in their relationships, as the storms of life become bigger.  It saddens me that so many children grow up without these important foundations.  I do not know the answer, I can only hope and pray that they eventually become people with integrity.

We had taken Baby with us and our neighbor took care of the other three dogs.  Baby was not concerned by the weather and slept quietly in the back seat.  The other three dogs were very happy to see us.  It is good to be home and know that friends, family, and neighbors are safe and sound.  Lots of clean-up but no fatalities.

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