Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ticklish Toes

When we went to "Puppy School" the trainer told us to play with our puppy's feet so as she gets older she is comfortable with people handling her feet.  Making it easier to clip her nails.  We have been playing with her feet that is how we learned that her toes are ticklish.

I gently brush my fingers over the pads and she will kind of shiver.  I wonder if she will always have ticklish toes?
I don't remember the other dogs being ticklish.  They are not thrilled with people touching their feet.  I just love watching this puppy.  She will get up in one of the chairs, lay there for awhile.  Then put her front feet on the floor and slide down ending with a thump. 

She is a loving creature and very playful.  She plays hard all day and is just tuckered out and flops on the floor and falls asleep.

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