Thursday, June 17, 2010

Storm Warnings

News breaks in showing the path of the approaching storm. Sammi comes to me whimpering and I know the storm will be here soon. I go to get the naturopathic drops for anxiety that a friend sent. Giving the drops to Sammi turns interesting. Baby jumps up and tries to put her mouth between the drops and Sammi’s mouth. The TV drones about funnel clouds and the moving Thunderstorms.

The sky darkens and sheets of water come cascading down. The branches bend and dance before the window shaking off water falling from the dark foreboding sky. Sheets of water cascade as I watch. Sammi tries to climb into my lap as I sit working at the computer. Baby is nibbling trying to figure out why big dog is upset. I massage Sammi’s ears while typing with one hand trying to keep her calm. The lightning is striking closer as I turn off the computer - unplugging it. I’m not a fan of fried mother boards.

Sammi whimpers and paces. As I put the gentle leader on her - she begins to calm. I continue to massage her ears from the area close to her skull down to the tips. I watch the rain buffeted by the wind as it pours from the sky punctuated by illuminating lightning.

The news gave warning of the approaching storm outside. Who will give warning of the storm that even now builds within me?

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