Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gifts of Gratitude

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These beautiful flowers were sent to me at school yesterday!  They were accompanied by a note that warmed my heart.

"I love you.And I'm grateful for everything you do! Love, Dan"

Why did he send flowers?  Tuesday he had dental work done.  He went to a new dentist and he recommended sedating.  However, someone needs to be with you and drive you home.

I took the day off.  When the procedure was done they called me into the office and showed us a video for mouth care for the next 24 hours.  They put him in a wheelchair and took him out to our car.  I got him in the car.

Got him home and I knew I was in trouble.  Dan is a big man and was very unsteady on his feet.  So I went into the house put the dogs outside.  Put a wooden chair next to the front door.

He hung onto the car and got into the front door.  Rested and then proceeded to his recliner. And he was out.  He was sound asleep.  A friend came over for a short visit.  The phone rang a few times.   I called the dentist's office three times to ask questions.

Around five I got him awake enough to eat some soup.  He was starting to communicate a little.  Slept.  Around 7:25 he started coming out of it and wanted to go to bed.  He was able to walk on his own.  Off to bed he went.  I got him up about midnight.  And then he went back to sleep.

Wednesday morning he was functioning fine.  He told me the last thing he remembered was that the nurse put headphones on him with music, told him there would be about 5 minutes of oxygen and then there would be nitrous oxide.

He was amazed that he felt no pain.  Sedation was a good choice.  Several years ago he went to a dentist to have a tooth extracted.  When he got home it looked like he had gone several rounds with a professional boxer.  And was in extreme pain. The dentist hadn't given him any painkillers.  It took him about a week before he was feeling good.

Remember my one little word.  I know you caught it in my note from him.  Yesterday also brought another surprise Linda at teacher dance found a beautiful poem that she told me about.  Check out her comments from yesterday.  Read the poem and check out the last line.

I am grateful for my husband and for friends.  Especially the ones I've made on-line.  I am amazed at all that has happened since I chose my one little word.  


  1. Wow you did so much, & it can be worrisome anyway when the 'patient' is not very aware. I remember taking my husband home from a procedure & we had to stop several times because he was so nauseated. Ugh-stuff happens, doesn't it? I'm happy for your Dan that he's okay, & happy for you that he sent flowers-so thoughful! And then you mentioned the poem I sent. It's so serendipitous, our lives. I had read your gratitude post so recently, & then that poem popped in! Thank you Ruth!

  2. It is amazing what can happen. Loved that you got flowers. When you are grateful, it seems there are more things to be grateful for.


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