Friday, January 6, 2012

Gratitude List From A to Z

Today's challenge: share a gratitude list from A-Z

I am grateful for:
A- Authors
B- Books and Brothers'-In-Laws  (Andrew and Alven)
C- Cherished Friends
D- Dan my loving husband
E- Echos of laughter
F-  Family and Friends
G- Granddaughter (Hailey) and Gadgets Galore
H- Health and Historical Research
I- iPad
J- Jewelry making time
K- Kisses and Kuddles
L- Lunches delivered by Dan
M- Moments of Simple Joy

N- Nieces and Nephews
O- One Little Word Opportunities
P- Pets (Max, Lady, Sammi, and Baby) and Photography
Q- Quilts
R- Rita my sister and Road Trips
S-Step Children (Joe and Peggy) and Sister-In-Law (Patsy)
T- Traditions and Thank-Yous
U - Uncle Norman
V- Vampires who hook young readers
W- Whispered Words of Love
Y- Youngsters Reading
Z- Zephyr (gentle breezes)



  1. I love this idea! This is going to be a writer's notebook entry! My creative writing students will love it

  2. Nice to see your list. As I read it, I thought along too so you did double duty today, helping me see things I'm grateful for. Looking forward to your continuing gratitude challenge.

  3. After I did this one I thought this would work well using alpha boxes. After doing it I thought about so many more entries that would have worked for the different letters. I have been richly blessed.

  4. A great idea! Right after reading your alpha Gratitude list, it makes me think of writing one for myself too. I would like to make one on a monthly basis so that when the year ends, I have the list where I can have the run down of my life's events. I'm looking forward to reading a lot more of this soon.


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