Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Problems I'm Grateful For

Years ago someone told me that when I had problems, to praise them and give thanks for them.  I don’t remember who told me.  I do remember feeling incredulous at the suggestion.  They went on to say.  It won’t change until you get out of the way and learn the lesson its here to teach.

Over the years I have remembered the suggestion and applied it with amazing results.  Then I slide back to old “stinkin thinkin” until I become over whelmed and need to reconnect with wiser guidance than my own.

I have been looking at the clutter that seems to be taking over my home.  I know that I need to take baby steps and work on a little at a time.  I have read many books on organizing.  Some even work for a short time.  Clutter has been my boogeyman for years.  But it feels like the paper monster is morphing and is stalking me, ready to consume everything in its path.

So what’s to be grateful for?  As I look at the stacks I feel consumed and smothered.  What other aspects of my life am I feeling that way in?  Its my own wake up call, to be aware that I need to look at where my energy is going.  Why am I feeling this way?

So as I ponder the clutter monster eyeing me for its next meal.  I hold its image in my mind and thank it for the lessons its teaching.  I acknowledge it and in my mind ask what it wants me to understand.  Because until I understand I probably won’t make much head way in taming it.


  1. So wise to examine your dilemma before acting. Don't let that monster eat you up, though. I liked that analogy very much.

  2. Linda,

    I so appreciate you. You are always so encouraging. Thank you.

  3. I love the way you ended this - with your spirit striving to make meaning of chaos, to turn clutter into the chance to reorganize and revitalize. You are so wise!

  4. I understand this problem so well. I tend to schedule cleaning up piles/clutter one room at a time...although it seems like I just get through all the rooms and have to start again! I think I just need to pretend I am moving!

    Good luck with your "monster"

  5. Thank you, Ruth, for the compliment. I appreciate you too. You are the greatest storyteller!

  6. There is a monster assigned to everyone. Yours and mine must be related.


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