Monday, January 30, 2012

Magic Moments

What makes a magic moment?  For me it is something that makes me smile or laugh.  Something sweet and memorable.  I was fortunate enough to collect some magic moments this weekend.

Our school district held a public auction to sell outdated and surplus equipment.  My sister-in-law wanted some wooden chairs.  The first magic moment came while I was waiting.  I noticed a toddler and a puppy (lab/Anatolian shepherd mix).

The toddler was eating a snack that caught the puppy's attention.  The little boy decided to share to the delight of the puppy.  The puppy must have licked the baby's hand while sampling the pro-offered snack.  The young toddler squealed and got another snack.  The puppy liked this game and happily shared.  It ended with the toddler hugging the puppy.

I could tell that that the Papa Pet Parent was new to the job.  During this interaction he looked shocked and told the puppy "Don't take the baby's snack."

The puppy just looked back at his Pet Parent.  I think I saw him snicker.

I laughed to my self and mentally told Papa Pet Parent, "Good Luck with that strategy."

I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone camera.  Baby and puppy moved quickly as you will notice.  As I walked away the puppy was being a hoover and scarfing up all the cracker crumbs left on the floor.


  1. "Papa pet parent," I loved that name. I also love how I could see his confused, "what do I do..." face while reading this post. Cute imagery and a cute photo too.

  2. I love the picture you painted with words. It reminds me of Ralph Fletcher's thoughts on small moments.

  3. I liked how you went into it from the puppy's perspective at one point. Kids and dogs are so well suited for each other.

  4. :) Morning Ruth,
    I love catching conversation like and keeping my mouth shut when I want to jump right in...
    Great control,

  5. It was a great moment. I told this story to a friend and she asked me where the toddler's mother was. I told her it was just dad. She said that explains everything.

  6. Magic moments captured are made for a writer. This was a scene that could have slipped away unnoticed, I'm glad you were there to record it and then share it. Too fun!

  7. What a lovely story! I can just imagine both the puppy's and the little boy's glee - so happy that you captured this moment for us.

  8. I love the line about the puppy being a hoover. Sounds like my son. :)


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