Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm an Information Addict

I love research.  When I was researching for my assignment with the Montana Historical Society, I had tons of information. Then like many kid writers, I ask what do I do with this?  Where is the focus?  What am I supposed to do now?

Today I read a post from Ramit Sethi.  There were a couple of lines that connected on a different levels.  One - he talked about “information addicts.” Yes that’s me.  Research is addicting.  I love information. 

The next piece that yelled at me was, “But I always ask for something from you – because if I invest in you, I expect you to invest in yourself by taking action.”  There it was again – taking action.

This week my focus on gratitude has brought two specific thoughts to me in different forms.  The message has been the same.  Take action, take small steps. Make twists and tweaks.

As I look at my life, the sections that work smoothly – are the ones that I take action.  I understand the need for scaffolding.  I get that.  But I have never applied it to the sections of life that were stuck.

I am now looking for ways I can make small changes.  Like spending 10 minutes each day going through my things and letting go.  I look at the clutter in my life and I am overwhelmed.  The way I usually cope is to have “selective seeing”.  I just ignore the growing clutter. 

Those of you who are orderly are physically shuddering when I say these things.  You are probably yelling “No, No!”  I am beginning to hear you.

Will small tweaks really bring about life changes?  I hope so.


  1. I am taking those small steps too, Ruth. We've lived in our house over thirty years & it has become a giant closet to me. My husband is more relaxed about it, but he also doesn't clean it! Good for you for taking a step. Those journeys often surprise us along the way, too.

  2. I had never thought of myself as an information addict. Part of the problem is I didn't know what to do with the information after I got it. LOL

    What a roller coaster ride.

  3. I am trying to open my eyes to the things that I've collected and don't need and free myself of them. It is a slow process lately, but I am hoping to step it up a notch. "Selective seeing" is definitely a problem for me also! It is time to let go of a bunch of stuff. Good luck with your projects!


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