Wednesday, April 6, 2011

C is for Carousels

There are three carousels in Montana -  "Great Northern Carousel", Helena, MT, "A Carousel for Missoula", Missoula, MT; "Dream Maker Carousel", Somers, MT.

Great Northern Carousel is a menagerie-style carousel.  They were hand carved by Ed Roth from Long Beach, CA.  Hand painted by Bette Largent of Spokane, WA.  On the top of the carousel are magnificent stained glass artwork created by Mary Harris.

The artwork features important landmarks around and in Helena, MT - the state capital.  The 37 carousel pieces depict animals that are native to Montana from the now extinct dinosaurs to the energetic Jack Rabbit.

"Dream Maker Carousel" Somers, MT - is in the private gardens of the Cherot family.  It is open to the public

"A Carousel for Missoula"  is really about a community that made magic.

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  1. They are gorgeous! The animals on the first, native to Montana, are amazing. I guess carousels are special in quite a few places. There is a beautiful one in our amusement park here in Denver. Thanks for continuing the A-Z.

  2. If you ever get the chance the one in Helena is awesome. It sits in an ice cream parlor. It is artwork of the highest caliber.


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