Friday, April 15, 2011

J is for Jordan

Jordan, MT is the county seat for Garfield county.  There is a little museum complete with real dinosaurs found in the area.  Hell Creek is only about 26 miles (fisherman come from all over).  It is a mecca for deer and antelope hunting.  Some of you are scratching your head because there is a glimmer of a memory.  Yes your right it was in the news.  In 1996 the Montana Freeman made the news when they had a standoff with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On a personal note my sister-in-law and her husband live about 30 miles from Jordan in an area known as Brusett, MT.  The town of Brusett now is just the post office.  The post office first opened May 29, 1916.  Fossils and dinosaur bones can still be found in the region.  Paleontologists often stop and visit Patsy & Alven when they are in the area.

Garfield county is a very rugged country. You still come across the old homesteads that are still standing.  Distances are a fact of life.  It is not reasonable to bus students to town so there are a number of one-room schools still in use.  Each school has its own district.  Pine Grove is one of those schools and is about 8 miles from my sister-in-laws home.  My mother was one of the teachers who taught at Pine Grove.



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  1. It sounds like such a marvelous place, however the distances are far. I appreciate your knowledge in the writing.


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