Saturday, April 9, 2011

F is For Forsyth, MT

Have you ever tried to push a “Scout” off the side of the road?  Not only did I push the “Scout” off the road but, it started to roll down the hill into a fence.  I ran and grabbed the steering wheel to change its trajectory.  Finally it came to a stop.  I was very annoyed with myself, and the Scout.  In my peripheral vision I watched a highway patrolman coming down the interstate.  He crossed the meridian and parked near the edge of the road. 
I could tell that he had watched the whole episode, because he was trying to keep from laughing out loud.  I could also tell that he wasn’t succeeding completely. 
“Is everything ok?”
“Yes, the Scout stalled.  I tried to get it off the side of the road.  But I pushed to hard.”
Eyes laughing – “I see you got it stopped.”
“ It will start in an hour or so.  I had another car that would do the same thing.”
Trying hard to contain his mirth, “ We have to put a sticker on cars left by the road.  You have 48 hours after the sticker is put on it to get it moved.  I won’t put a sticker on it until tomorrow.”
“That’s ok I’ll have it running again before that.”
“Sure.  Do you need a ride into Forsyth to call a tow truck?”
“No, my mom is driving the Hyundai over there.  I’m taking the Scout to Busby and then I’m returning to Miles City.
“Ok ,  you sure everything is ok?”
“Yah.  We’ll leave the Scout for a while and visit some friends in Forsyth and then drive the Scout to Busby.  It’ll be ok.” 
As he drove off I could see him shaking his head. I knew he was laughing big belly laughs as he drove away.   I’ve often wondered how often he has chuckled over this memory.
I left the Scout to rest for a couple of hours.  Then we came back collected the Scout and continued on our journey.  I always thought that vehicle was just happy to be going down the road.
Wherever you are officer, I wish I could have heard you tell this story.  Just so you know I would have laughed out loud if I had been you.
Happy Trails.

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  1. I love the 'little' stories of our lives, & you told this one so well, making me chuckle all the way through. Good lead, also. I wonder too if you provided the best story of the, maybe year, for that patrolman? Also, fun to see how you connected the letter F to a visit to the town, but only the story of getting to the town.


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