Friday, April 8, 2011

E is for Ekalaka

Ekalaka (ee-ka-la-kha) is in the southeastern part of the state.  We used to joke that it wasn't at the end of the world but close.  It was however where the pavement ended.  In the last couple of years pavement has finally connected Ekalaka, MT to the nearest community to the south Alzada, MT.

Eureka, MT is in the far northwestern part of the state.  The distance between Eureka and Ekalaka is about 721 miles one way.  Distance plays a big part in living in Montana.  The upside is the rugged beauty.  We live in a state that has two diverse regions.  The western region is mountainous and the other region is the plains of eastern Montana.

The Medicine Rocks State Park is just outside of Ekalaka.  The sandstone has been sculpted by the wind.  There are similar outcroppings in the Badlands.

My first year of teaching was in Ekalaka, MT and I would drive back to Miles City on the weekends. When you turn off the main road and head into the Medicine Rocks there is a hand pump right by the dirt road.     I would stop at Medicine Rocks on my way home to Miles City and fill jugs with the freshly pumped water.  The water was cold and delicious. Definitely worth all the effort of pumping it and hauling it to town.

I loved the Medicine Rocks and enjoyed hiking among the outcroppings.  Listening to the wind whistle its mournful song, as I contemplated the future.


  1. This time, you have made your writing more personal, telling your own experiences & feelings about the 'E'. I enjoyed hearing that part along with the informational geography, which was interesting. What a beautiful place it must be.

  2. I have always loved Medicine Rocks. It has a haunting quality. Almost other worldly.


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