Friday, April 1, 2011

Reflections on Slicing My Life in March

I have enjoyed the writing challenge this year.  I have "met" some great people, and enjoyed their writing.  The slice a day has been "challenging"  so often I didn't know what to write or where to start.  From reading the many posts of others I have gleamed ideas for class, read recommendations for new books, learned new idioms "before the sparrow farts".  I have learned about the lives and concerns of many great people.  I am sad it has come to an end.

In our district it has been a long standing practice to move teachers to new schools every 12 years.  This is my twelfth year.  The idea of starting in a new school feels daunting, yet exciting.  I have become so attached to the children, families, and staff where I work that it makes me sad that I am leaving.  It hurts to know I am leaving this teaching community.

Daily writing has helped me examine many of my thoughts that were fluttering around my brain.  I even took risks and shared my writing with several of my classes.  Quickly realizing that my writing did not pass my student delighted screening.

I think what I valued the most was the comments.  It was proof that someone out there was listening.  That what I wrote made a connection, a chuckle, or was thought provoking.  Those comments gave me encouragement.  They made me feel connected.  They made me feel that I was part of a community.  The year I participated in the NWP I felt that community, and I have missed that type of daily connection.

This was my second year participating.  Last year I only made it a few times.  This year I wrote 30 out of 31 days.  I feel exhilarated with that accomplishment.  What I feel the most is thankfulness.  I have learned so much reading "Two Writing Teachers" and the many other blogs.  I have found many that I decided to follow.  I hope they keep posting on a regular basis.  Here is to the future - Tuesday slicing and to the wonderful friendships we are building.


  1. That is an interesting policy to move teachers. I often wonder if some moves might not be a good thing for our school. It is so easy to get settled.
    Well done on the SOLC this year. Hope you continue to find time to write.

  2. I wish you all the best in your new school. It seems odd to me about the policy. You have joined a community & add to it with your knowledge, of teaching of course, but also of the people. Seems a waste to lose that. However, perhaps the new place will be a welcoming challenge, new thoughts, new ideas. I've loved following your writing, & thanks for my comments too. Happy slicing-see you on Tuesdays!

  3. Learning communities are never static and your new school will be so very lucky to have you. I think your word "daunting" is a perfect description. I don't envy your having to pack up. Looking forward to reading your Tuesday slices.


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