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N is for Northern Cheyenne Tribal College

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There are seven reservations in Montana.  Each reservation has a tribal college.   I taught one evening class at Chief Dull Knife College the year I also taught Special Education classes at the Northern Cheyenne School in Busby, Montana.

I was invited to attend many cultural events and learn about a culture different than mine.  I watched people navigate two very different worlds simultaneously. 

I remember sitting at the cafeteria table by students and staff.  I was trying to learn how to say, “Please pass the bread.”  My young teacher (a 3rd grader) was coaching me.  As I made the attempt there were a few muffled chuckles.

I realized I had not spoken the correct words.  My young teacher smiled and told me what I said.  She showed wisdom and great kindness when I asked her if she thought I would ever learn Cheyenne.

“No, but it is good that you try.”

Joseph Fire Crow, a Northern Cheyenne flute player.  Is considered one of the greatest flute players in the world.  This spring he visited several schools and lead a workshop at the Western Heritage Center in Billings, Montana.  His music speaks calls to my spirit.

I have many great memories of the time I spent in Busby.  I will always remember the Northern Cheyenne people with great fondness.

Montana Tribal Colleges

Chief Dull Knife College, is in Lame Deer,

Salish Kootenai College is in Pablo, MT on the Flathead Reservation

Little Big Horn College is in Crow Agency on the Crow Reservation

Fort Peck is in Poplar, MT on the Fort Peck Reservation

Fort Belknap College is in Harlem Montana on the Fort Belknap Reservation

Blackfeet Community College is in Browning, MT on the Blackfeet Reservation

Stone Child College is located on Upper Box Elder Road between Rocky Boy Agency and Box Elder, Montana.

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  1. What a special experience and privilege you had to be able to learn about a native culture. I'm glad you told that little story too. It seems to show how much you were honored as a guest. Thanks for the information, too. I'm learning a lot about Montana!

  2. I am having a blast writing about Montana in this way. Today Dan and I took a road trip to a town I will feature later in the alphabet.


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