Sunday, March 27, 2011

Can We Talk To the Magic Mirror?

"Ruthie, can we talk to the magic mirror again?" asked my 7 year old granddaughter.

I smiled remembering the first time she had heard the magic mirror talk.

I had left both Hailey and her grandpa unsupervised in our new Equinox.  Grandpa is a very permissive grandpa.  When she is with him he just lights up.  So Hailey was exploring the new vehicle.  Opening and closing all the windows, the sun roof, locking and unlocking doors.  Then her little fingers discovered the mirror.  She pressed a button.

A voice asked, "What is your emergency?"

My husband explained that there wasn't any emergency, he was sorry for bothering them.  He further explained that his granddaughter had hit the button.  He looked kind of chagrined when he told me this.  I remember laughing.

All this came back to me as Hailey and I got into the car and she asked to talk to the "Magic Mirror".  This delightful memory replayed as I heard hear again repeat, "Can I talk to the Magic Mirror again?"

It was then that I wondered if the Magic Mirror in Snow White was part of the "On-Star" network?


  1. This made me laugh. I had to read it to my husband who has On-Star. For some reason I can't remember where it is and how it works. Obviously your granddaughter is not as mirror challenged as me! Very cute post.

  2. I guess to a young child, any magic is worth pursuing. She will love your story when she's older. It may have given a chuckle to the 'voice' that day, too.

  3. I checkled as I read this--especially the part about the "permissive grandpa". My husband would be the same way!

  4. Oh that is just adorable. I wonder what the On Star lady would say if she asked her "mirror, mirror, on the wall..." That is a story for the memory books. ;)

  5. We all need magic in our lives. I love the innocense of the little kids.

    I have really enjoyed this writing challenge and getting to know some great people through it. I love reading all the posts. And I truly love our conversations. Thank you.

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  7. So sweet. This one is for the scrapbook.


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