Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remembering the Back Stories

I was browsing posts at The Poem Farm and found Spark Day- Nancy Claeys & Poems #332.  I was inspired by what she had done by matching a picture and a poem.  What great ideas for collaboration.  What a great idea as a writing prompt.

I started to think of some pictures that my uncle shared at my mother’s memorial service, pictures of her youth that I had never seen.  Melissa a friend took our pictures added music and did a wonderful slide show for the service.  I loved it – it was so poignant.

Friends who attended all commented on the slideshow.  I shared some of the stories that connected to the pictures.  The most common comment was, “Oh I wish there had been captions so we could have known your mother’s earlier life.”

That slide show and the comments have lingered in my thoughts, following me.  Lingering among the shadows, surprising me at unexpected times, helping me to remember and connect my thoughts.

I want to take some of those pictures and tell the back-stories.  Snippets of time, a pictorial slice of life. – A way to remember and connect, the hauntings’ of my mind that whispers to my soul.


  1. I love the idea, & you told it so well. It would be a good project for students, too, to bring in a photograph from their lives, & tell the back story. I know the term, but never connected it like this. Thank you!

  2. I really like your last line. A good way to end a thoughtful post. Well done!

  3. This is a great ida - catching the memories with a line to help hold on.

  4. Thank you for commenting on the post. I'm like a kid at Christmas checking to see if Santa has come yet. I really love to know what other people think. Thank you.

  5. gREAT idea. nice read too. So happy you came by and commented. Come again some time and hit follow. I'd be flattered to have you in the mix.



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