Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Opportunity Knocking

Tonight I was talking on the phone in the dining room when the dogs erupted and a cacophony of noise ensued.  Signaling someone was at the front door.  As the dogs continued barking loudly, Dan got out of the recliner in the living room and ambled to the door.  The dogs quieted down.  Pretty soon he came back, got out the checkbook and started writing.  

I could make a pretty good guess that there was a child selling something at the front door.  My husband has an open heart when it comes to kids.  When I got off the phone I asked, “Who was at the door?”

He smiled, pointed to a stack of boxes, ”A Girl Scout.”

I chuckled and shook my head.  You see I had bought 6 boxes from someone at school.  On Saturday Dan had bought another six boxes from Girl Scouts at a sidewalk sale.  We had bought an additional box from Girl Scouts in front of Big R (a ranch and supply store).  Now there sat an additional 3 boxes in the living room.

Still shaking my head, “Guess we supported the Girl Scouts rather well this year”. 

We added up the purchases.  $21 at school, $21 sidewalk sale, $3.50 Big R, another $10.50 now.   It came to a grand total of $56.00.  The last 3 boxes were “Samoas”, there are 15 cookies in each box.

I chuckled, “Kind of expensive cookies.”

Dan of the loving heart tenderly looked at me, “Good cause.”

Yes opportunity knocked on our front door last night and we answered.
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  1. And now, let the eating begin. Watch those calories :)

  2. They freeze really well! What a nice thing you and your husband did. I liked the mystery even in a relating of a girl scout cookie sale.

  3. I love that you supported the Girl Scouts & that your husband has such a "BIG" heart!

  4. Does anyone else remember when the cookie boxes were twice as big and cost $.35???? I remember them going up to $.50 and thinking, "No one is going to spend that much on cookies!"

  5. This made me laugh. One year I bought 3 or 4 from the first Girl Scout, 3 from the second, 2 from the next, and 1 each from the neighbor's kid. I put them in the freezer and we're still eating them.

    This year--I bought one from the first, and then said--thanks, but I've already bought them!

    Great post.


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