Saturday, March 19, 2011

Grumbling Clouds

The wind whispers, running icy fingers along my ears, caressing my hands.  My hair now pulls loose, cavorting in the air.  The grumbling clouds begin to gather, drawing a dark curtain against the sky.  Blocking the coveted view of the rising Super Moon.

 The temperatures have dropped 10 degrees since we started riding.  My machine screams it’s high pitched whine.  We dart through allies agitating the neighborhood dogs.  They voice their opinion about our presence in their kingdom.  The deep baritone voices compete with the sharp yipping of barking mice.

The neighbors wave as we go by.  Some of my students yell out greetings, as we cruise the streets on our ATVs.  Returning home I laugh as I try to warm my freezing hands on Dan’s warm skin.


  1. It's still all about the cold! I'm sitting in a warm kitchen and freezing with you in my head Ruth. I want to sweat again

  2. I keep hearing the rumor that spring is on the way. We have been fortunate to have some nice days this week.

  3. I can relate! My post on Spring coming was premature. This morning we woke up to more snow and grey skies. As someone said to me yesterday, "I think we've had enough of this!"

  4. You gave us beautiful details of the time outside, not spring-like for sure. I liked the part about the allies & the dogs defending their territories. Were there really barking mice?

  5. Very poetic details! And the photos really add to the piece! Nice job.

  6. I call the very small dogs "barking mice". Probably because I am used to large dogs. And when I watch the little ones they often make me laugh at how ferocious they act.

  7. So, you've got a storm too?
    We went out last night to try and see the Super Moon, but it was obscured by cloud cover. Well, most of it was--it also diffused the light so Miss Moon seemed brighter than I remember.

    Hope you were able to come home to some hot chocolate and a cozy comforter!

  8. That is so beautiful! I love all the sounds and color, love the image/feel of warming your cold hands on Dan's warm skin. Wow. What a gorgeous slice!


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