Saturday, March 5, 2011

When Wind Song Whispers

I read Elizabeth's blog Word by Word about her son and "The 2 Year Old Facials".  It reminded me about an event with my younger sister that happened decades ago.

We lived in a small town and our phone was on a party line.  Kind of like facebook without privacy settings.  My older sister Barbara wore perfume.  Her favorite scent was "Wind Song".  Rita loved watching Barbara get ready for school.  She especially enjoyed it when Barbara would give her a little spritz of "Wind Song".

Rita's best friend was a four year old named Tracy.  Occasionally Mom would let Rita call Tracy and talk on the phone, much to Rita's delight.  Well one time Rita was describing the perfume to Tracy.  I remember hearing her say just a minute and she raced off to the bathroom and returned with the perfume bottle.

As a ten year old I didn't pay my little sister's conversation much attention.  BIG MISTAKE! I heard Rita say "Do you like the smell?"

Then she listened intently.  I heard the repetitive soft whoosh as the spray wafted through the air, and the vapors targeted the phone.  I got to the phone just as Rita was saying, "You still can't smell it?  OK.  I'll spray it again."

I grabbed the almost empty bottle before she could continue spraying.  The phone dripped with liquid vapors.  Rita looked perplexed.  She scrunched up her eyes as she asked, "Why can't Tracy smell the perfume?  I kept spraying it so she could."

The phone retained the concentrated scent for what seemed like weeks, before finally dissipating.  I remember cutting my own conversations short because I couldn't take the overpowering aroma.  As I retrieve this memory I can still catch a whiff of "Wind Song" as it swirls and whispers through my mind.

On a whim I checked to see if "Wind Song" is still available.  To my amazement you can still order it from Amazon.  The description reads, "Wind Song was launched by the design house of Prince Matchabelli in 1953 and is described as a flowery fragrance.  This feminine scent is a blend of florals with fruity, green middle notes finishing with hints of musk and amber."

Hmm, I wonder if Rita would still like this fragrance?  Maybe I will order a bottle for her birthday.  You see "Wind Song" still sings in my memory.


  1. What a wonderful story of sisters Ruth. Wind Song, I remember and probably used it myself. But with two brothers, there was no interest in my perfumes.
    I love the way you take us along for the ride.

  2. Ruth,
    This was a delightful memory for you to share with all of us. I too, had Windsong given to me as a gift but I never wore perfume. Funny how the name of something like a perfume or the reminder of party phone lines can transport me back in time so quickly. I could see your little sister spraying the telephone so clearly and immediately gave her a Shirley Temple look in my mind...curls and all.

  3. Rita was the cutest little imp you ever saw. Her eyes were always dancing with mischief.

  4. Wow...I remember Wind Song, and it's jingle: "your wind song stays on my mind". Great slice...

  5. I remember it too, & think it was a favorite for a while. Your memory made me realize how important smell is to remembering things. You made this little moment so sweet.

  6. My favorite scent was my Mother's homemade baking bread.

  7. I remember Wind Song! Like Tara, I remembered the jingle, "I can't seem to forget you. Your Wind Song stays on my mind." I can remember that but I can't remember what I'm supposed to buy at the grocery story. Geez. Funny, funny slice!

  8. OMG! I'm so excited that my post inspired you to share your wonderful story. I chuckled as I visualized the sopping wet phone and the permanent aroma. I'm amazed the phone still worked. SO funny!

  9. I guess we should call it "phone song" now!

  10. WOW ~ This is a blast from the past for me too. Definitely had Wind Song and remember the commercial jingle. Great slice! I love the bits of Rita's voice that you included. ~Theresa

  11. What a great memory! Reading it reminded me of my own limited experience with party lines (they were pretty much gone by the time I was a kid), and I loved the description that they were "like Facebook without the privacy settings."

  12. I remember my mother saying, "Be careful what you say on the phone. You don't know who may be listening."


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