Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Beat Goes On

Dear Sir,

We were in the room next to yours last night.   You remember that Mom and Pop motel.  My husband and I were reading when I heard you. I heard a rumbling sound, as the walls began to shudder. I wasn't sure what it was at first. I listened carefully, deep grumbling, rumbling sound vibrating through the walls. 

There would be slight pauses of dead silence. Then the deep base sounds would start again. My husband and I could hear it clearly and wondered if your companion wore earplugs. What it must sound like within your room.

We talked about leaving you a note suggesting you get a sleep study done. We suspect you have sleep apnea. You see both my husband and myself suffer from sleep disturbances his is sleep apnea, mine is hypo apnea, We both use a CPAC machine at night.

I remember the first time I woke up after using it. I felt euphoria.  I had never experienced refreshing sleep before. It was amazing to wake up rested. My family doctor looked at my tests and said its a wonder I hadn't had a stroke. Because it wasn't a question of if I would have one, but when.

You were gone when I got up. I should have written this letter last night.

My husband used to snore, then he would stop breathing, then snore some more. This was the discordant symphony that played at night. It was so hard to get through the day.

The couple in room 23


  1. Very gracious of you to show concern for his welfare because I'm sure that was maddening! Here's to a good nights sleep - wishing you euphoria!

  2. Ah..they joys of motels....we used to stay at a chain called Red Roof Motels when we traveled with our kids....I am sure our neighbors wanted to write to us too!

  3. I expected a letter, but didn't expect the look into your personal experience and your "public health message" :) to all of us.  I enjoyed the combining of the two.

  4. Ruth Ferris/StorykeeperMarch 26, 2012 at 7:01 AM

    Most of us "know" someone who is a snorer.  The chainsaw, the buzz saw.  But most of us don't know that it is a real red flag for health issues that range from heart problems, strokes and there is current speculation it may connect with Attention Disorder in children.  I was blessed that we got tested.

  5. A friend was luckily diagnosed and uses the machine you refer to Ruth.  I never realized how dangerous it was until this happened to my friend.  With total strangers, it's hard to know what to do.  Sometimes if I actually 'see' them, I take action, but this time I know it must have been a little strange to knock on the door...  Thanks for my letter too!  Your words mean a lot.

  6. Oh my.... I have to admit during the first paragraph or two I thought you were describing an approaching tornado. 

  7. As someone with sleep apnea who uses a machine to sleep, I conur on how wonderful they are.  I loved the letter form to express your concern with the hotel neighbor.

  8. I know about sleep apnea, but no one close to me.  So it's great to hear about a machine and success and I too, love the letter to the guy on the other side of the wall,

  9. This is such a great form to use to make your points - about motel courtesy and about sleep apnea. How kind of you to be thoughtful of him. This information is good for all to know, so thank you for sharing in such a personal story.


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