Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hyundai and the Buffalo Calves

I really liked my little Hyundai.  I was often teased about my little tin can on roller skates.   It was very dependable and I could see over the dash.  It fit me so much better than my big "boats".

One trip I took with it was to the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. My mother and two friends went with me.  When we entered the park in the morning I noticed signs that reminded drivers to be aware of the local buffalo.

We continued our exploration never once catching a glimpse of any of the herds.  We spent the whole day in the park.  Just before dusk we decided it was time to leave and headed for the main road.  Up a head was a large herd of buffalo.

I slowed down and cautiously drove forward.  A number of young calves became curious and surrounded the car.  If I had rolled down the window I could have stroked their curly hair.  Their Mama's were none to thrilled at the "odd black calf" in their midst.  The one with round hooves and frankly smelled a little off.

The bulls watched carefully as they tried to determine if "the odd black calf" should be run off.  Four bold young calves walked beside the Hyundai. They were almost as big as the car.  I knew that if they rubbed up against my little car, it would not fair well.  I certainly did not want to irritate the "Mamas and Papas".  Because I knew they would make my little car go rolling. Several times one of the bulls rolled his eyes at me.

I am sure we were quite a sight as I put-zed along through the middle of the herd.  It was with delight that the buffalo were only curious and not ill tempered that day.   


  1. Oh, this piece brings back a happy memory. As a girl vacationing with my family, my dad  and I tramped down through a field to get a better photo of the buffalo in Yellowstone. We were upwind, until we weren't. :-) We should have stayed in the car. What a great memory you've shared, I hope you took pictures!

  2. Storykeeper FerrisMarch 19, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    I didn't take any pictures that trip.


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