Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's Your Asking Price?

"Why didn't you negotiate the price on the pickup?"

"Never have.  I just pay their asking price."

"Yah, I gathered that.  The next car we buy I'll negotiate the price.  I always talk them down some on the  price."

"Oh you won't get very far doing that."

"Watch me!"

The next car was for Dan's daughter.  We found a 1998 Taurus, with 101,000 miles.  The asking price was $3800.  We bought the car for $2600.00.

Chuck was our salesman.  As we negotiated he shook his head and asked me. Do you want to come work for us?"

I told him,  "No".

He turned to Dan, "Next time please leave Ruth at home."

Dan asked Chuck, "Do most people negotiate the price like this?

"Lot's of people try.  We expect some negotiation."

As we drove home I could tell Dan was thinking about something.  I often tease him about how much he argues with himself.  I often ask which side is winning.  Depending on the answer I know if I want to weigh in on one side or the other.

I didn't yet know what he was thinking about.  I would quickly learn.  It was less than two weeks later that he told me he had bought a 1990 Lincoln Town Car for 1300.00.  He had done an excellent job negotiating - and has been doing it ever since.


  1. I am always impressed with people who are able to negotiate well. It is a fine-tuned skill that takes time to develop effectively, but the most impressive thing is that negotiation takes GUTS! My husband is definitely the financial negotiator in our family and is always trying to teach me.

    Thanks for sharing!

    @ The Chockboard

  2. I hate having to negotiate prices. I know with cars it's expected, but I don't like it. Fortunately my husband gets into it so I don't have to. If something happens to him, I will have to drive the vehicle forever because I don't want to go through the games dealers play. 

  3. Great reminder.  My son is looking for a car.  I'll have to remember to negotiate.  Any tips?  

  4. Ruth Ferris/StorykeeperMarch 28, 2012 at 12:25 PM

    Be willing to walk away.  When they know you are firm and willing to walk away. Most of the time they will deal some.  I also am willing to deal about extras.  Like having them put on running boards as part of the deal.  

    Being willing to walk away is easy for me because I usually spend time at car dealerships under duress.  They are not my 1st choice for entertainment. So the power shifts to me the buyer.  I don't necessarily HAVE to buy but they need to sell.

  5. Good for you! I admire people who can do this...it takes a degree of panache about cars that I just don't possess.

  6. My husband loves to do this. I hate car shopping.  Thanks for sharing.


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