Saturday, March 17, 2012

Then the Sparks Flew

Keeping old cars running was always challenging.  Repairs and maintenance was always more than I expected (hoped).  Like most people you do what you can.  Each car develops its own set of idiosyncrasies.  Like when I learned starting the Scout with a key was optional.  You just twisted and it would go.

We had it a long time when I started noticing sunlight coming up from the floor boards.  Parts of the floor had rusted through making quarter size holes.  We often got comments on the denim blue seat covers.  Mom made those after Corduroy ate the seat when she was a pup and left to long unsupervised.

This story takes place after I took the Scout in to have the wheels repacked.  After I picked it up I was hearing some funny knocking coming from the wheels especially when I would turn corners.

I had been driving it for about two weeks.  I was about to go around a corner and I could hear the rattle.  I decided to slow down and listen closely.

"Mom, there is a rattle and I think it's coming from the front."

Just as we got around the corner the front wheel came off and started down down the road, going down the oncoming lane.  Usually this is no problem but that Saturday morning there were five cars on the street.

With horror I watched that tire barrel down on the cars.  Veering off just as it would get close. Diving and weaving like it knew what it was doing.  In the meantime I watched sparks fly as the metal made contact with the pavement.  The metal screamed in protest as it continued on minus one wheel.

The tire came to rest just off the side of the road.  The Scout came to rest on the other side.  The Scout had traveled about 1/2 a block.  I quickly realized that someone and failed to tighten the bolts.  People in the nearby trailers had come out to see what was going on.

I used a phone and called the shop.  They came and towed us away.  They put the wheel back on.  I checked to make sure the bolts were tightened.  Then decided it was time to shop for a new mechanic.

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  1. Oh Ruth, this is the best.  I'm glad everyone was okay, first of all, but I didn't even think about a car traveling so far balanced on three wheels.  What a story!  And thank you for continuing this (now I want to call it) saga!


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