Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Car Stories


"Ruth, can you go for a test drive tomorrow?"

"Yes, I can go."

"Ok, I'll pick you up."

"What is it?"

"Subaru at Columbus.  Private party. Took some cars in to cover some one's debt."

"You checked it?"

"Yah, it looks pretty sound."

"Thanks. Sounds good."

After I had learned that I had almost run the wheels off the Horizon.  I had been at the Armory attending drill.  I worked as a TAMMs Clerk with the mechanic section.  I told the guys my story.

I thought they would laugh and shake their heads.  Instead I watched them raise their eyebrows as they looked at each other.  I realized that a message had been sent and received.  What I didn't know, was what the message was.  At least not until I got the call from Keith.  They had gone and found me another car.

When we got to this fellows house there was a "for sale" sign on a 1988 silver Subaru and a price tag of $1500.  We took the car for a drive.  It handled well I liked it.  I offered him $750. He looked at Keith. Keith nodded, and I had a deal.

The Subaru became my main transportation and I parked the Horizon at the house.  I drove the silver Subaru for about a year and a half when Dan and I started to date.  He rode with me a couple of times in the Subaru.  It was starting to overheat at times and no one could find out why.  It would take a long time to warm up.  I'd replaced its thermostat and other sundry parts to no avail.

Dan was a long haul truck driver and was not impressed with my old clunkers.  He told me they were just worn out.  He lent me his new 2000 Grand Prix to drive the spring of 2001.

I was on the phone with some friends in Virginia after we started dating.  I told Bernie about driving the Grand Prix. She relayed the information to her husband.  I could hear Ron in the background:

"I like this guy already."

I ended up giving the Horizon to a neighbor who got it running again.  I later gave the Subaru to Dan's son.  The Subaru engine blew up on the way back to Miles City. This was not quite the end of my "old car stories" but it was the beginning of my new car stories.


  1. Ahh. new car stories, I'm ready! 

  2. I love your car stories. In this one I enjoyed the way the guys communicate wordlessly by means of car.

  3. Great last line!


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