Monday, March 12, 2012

I Just Couldn't Put the Car In Reverse

After getting the starter repaired again the Dodge Aspen drove just fine.  It loved going up and down the roads. One afternoon I was visiting with my neighbor Kitty Little Wolf.  She surprised me when she said, "Ruth I'm a little worried about your car.  You probably need to be looking for another one."

I assured her the Aspen was running well.  Or so I thought.  It was about a week later that I headed to Miles City.  I stopped and visited some friends.  When I got ready to leave I couldn't put it in reverse.  Mencil came out helped me push it out into the street and it started just fine.

"Probably the transmission.  Get it fixed when you can."

I said I would and headed to Mom's house.  I parked it on the street and didn't have any problem.  It just wouldn't go in reverse.  Sometimes I had to put it in neutral and push it out into the street so it could go forward.  I traveled this way for a time.  Before being able to fix it.  Again I thought all was well and drove it most of the time.  Sometimes I borrowed the Cougar.

Easter came and Mom, my dog Corduroy and I had Easter Dinner with friends in Red Lodge and were headed back to Miles City.  We got past Forsyth and broke down near the Rosebud turnoff.  I noticed a farmhouse about 1/2 mile away. I hiked over to the farmhouse.  Apologized for disturbing their Easter Dinner and asked to use the phone.

I got a hold of the local tow truck owner, identified myself and told him at what mile marker we were broke down at.

"Let me finish dinner and I'll be out to get you."

About 1/2 an hour later he showed up.  We got in the truck and he towed us to Miles City.  Fortunately the Cougar was in Miles City and I was able to get back to Busby.  The transmission was shot and it would have cost more to replace than the car was worth.  I ended up selling the car for parts.

The next time I went to Billings I stopped and talked with Clint about buying the Cougar that I was still driving.  I told him that just before I started having all the problems with the Aspen Kitty had told me she thought the Aspen was in a bad way.

Clint looked incredulously at me, and emphatically stated, "Ruth when the Indians tell you, that you need a new car.  Believe them!  They know what they are talking about."   


  1. Hi Ruth!  I've missed your posts the past few-sorry!  I am trying to catch up a little, but having company since Friday kind of put a wrench in my plans. This is an interesting story & i'm glad you were okay, but it doesn't seem to me that it was worth more anyway.  I am still liking your idea telling about all you cars.  It's truly amazing.

  2. I get such great visual images when reading your writing.  You have inspired me to try choosing a theme to write within next March.  

  3. Another great story! How many cars have you had?

  4. Storykeeper FerrisMarch 13, 2012 at 7:11 AM

    Between my husband and I about 48.

  5. Storykeeper FerrisMarch 13, 2012 at 7:13 AM

    Your poetry challenge sounds interesting.  It sounds like you have been really busy.

  6. I am fascinated with the names in your writing - people and places. Your description allowed me to follow along and visualize those people and places as you traveled. I can't imagine driving a car that you know you can't back up in. I am glad it all turned out OK.

  7. Yes, I am so busy. My son, daughter-in-law & grandson are in for the grandson's spring break. They left last night to go up skiing & will be back Thurs. night through Saturday. They are the ones who moved away last year & I'm so thrilled to spend time with them, but then I have all these other things, like the slices, to do, & my husband has been a little befuddled by all the company. As you well know, it's hard breaking routine. Thanks for asking, Ruth. I hope you're having a good week!


  8. I cannot imagine willingly getting behind the wheel of a car that I already knew could not go in reverse...but yiu did, and it (mostly) worked out.  Whew! I read above that you've had 48 cars already - and thereby  hundreds of great stories to tell...lucky for us!

  9. I love this story Ruth. I especially love all the specific little details. It paints a wonderful movie in my mind. 


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