Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Beginnings

I drove the Mercury Cougar the rest of that school year and summer.  In August my mom encouraged me to go check out the Hyundai Dealer - they had a campaign going.  "Buy a car and get two tickets round trip anywhere continental USA.

I picked out a little black Hyundai and traded the Mercury Cougar.  Looking back my negotiating skills needed work.  I still got a good deal though.

My friends and family all celebrated my good fortune.  Several friends commented that now that I had a new car they wondered how many mechanics would go out of business.  Sadly one of them closed his doors 6 months after I bought my new car.  Most friends simply said they didn't worry as much now that I had a dependable car.

My mother had never had many vacations so I asked her where she wanted to go.  She chose Hershey, PA.  It was our first visit there.  The air was intoxicating - I would breathe deeply enjoying the chocolate smell.  We stayed at the Hershey Hotel.  I loved that they put chocolate kisses on your pillow.  It was a great trip.  One I  want to take again.

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  1. Cars and our relationships with them - always a good story.  I like how yours had the additional piece about the trip you and your mom took.


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