Friday, March 30, 2012

One Pickup too Many

One of the vehicles that Dan bought was a red 96 Ford F-150. He bought it from his son.  He really liked that pickup.  I on the other hand had great difficulty reaching the pedals.  I don't think I ever drove it.  Dan bought it in Feb 2010 and sold in June of  2011.  

In April of 2011 Dan bought a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 with an 8 foot box.  When he was negotiating for it the sale price came down to $4,000 with the red pickup as the trade in.  I checked the Kelly Blue Book and decided it was priced way over value.

The salesman brought up NADA on the computer and showed a different base price.  We offered $4000 cash no trade in. We finally bought it for $5000 no trade in.

Prior to buying the pickup my sister-in-law had driven by the car lot and saw a green pickup in the front row.  She told me later she had wondered if Dan had seen.  Not only had he seen it, but that is the one he bought. 

We had planned to list the red pickup on Craig's list and sell it ourselves.  I procrastinated.  Finally a month or so later.  Dan said, "I think I will keep the red pick up instead of selling it."
I figured he was giving me a bad time because I hadn't done anything about it.

So I promptly went out took some pictures and posted it on Craig's List.  The pick up sold for $2000 within 24 hours.  Dan still says he should have kept it.


  1. He really did want to keep it didn't he. You two seem like you're made for eachother - how you love cars. Cute title, "One Pickup too Many."

  2. I have really enjoyed your vehicle theme in the SOLC!
    You are a very clever writer! Are you going to combine your slices and publish the in book form?

  3. When you said you had some car stories I had no idea it would take you through the whole month.  Very cool

  4. Ruth Ferris/StorykeeperMarch 31, 2012 at 6:09 AM

    I want to collect them and make them into a book. I wrote several last year that you might like to read.  F is for Forsyth; S is for Sagebrush and MyFavorite Clunker story (are all car stories).  

    It has been fun writing the car stories during this challenge.  I am glad you enjoyed reading them.  Thank you.

  5. I thought my husband was a car person, but you take the prize. What a month of stories!

  6. I am not well versed in "vehicle" I have a car it gets me from A to B. Even though I know nothing of them, your writing was fun to read. You and your husband seem well matched. Hope to see you on Tuesdays.

  7. Love the title and specifics about the truck's bed/box. It's been fun to read the car stories. I think of Click and Clack every time I visit your blog. 

  8. All through the years we have ended up with too many cars.  Your story reminded me so well, Ruth.  There are favorites, & then a new favorite, & on...  I read the comments & see you want to put these into a book.  I agree it would be such a memoir for you & your husband (others too!).  But I still encourage you to pick some to send to some auto magazine.  I think some would love the trip back.  Thanks for your continuing story-telling.  I've loved every word!

  9. This buying and selling of used cars and trucks is such a new world for me.  I'm the one who shows up at the dealer's with a car to trade and get something new.  Sure I haggle but that's about it. 
    Wow! I do love cars though,

  10. I love your initiative in the buying and selling and how matter of factly you share it.

  11. My husband bought and sold cars for most of our married life.  Cars are the fuel for many stories and memories.  Thanks for all you have written!

  12. I have enjoyed reading your car stories this month! 


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