Friday, March 16, 2012

International Scout

I stopped at Mr R's in Bozeman to say hi.  Sitting in his driveway was a red 1973 International Scout.  As I left I thought about that vehicle.  My mom needed a 4-Wheel drive.  When I got home I called him back and asked how much he wanted.

He told me $500.  It took me awhile to arrange for the money and get back to Bozeman.  When I arrived the scout had sustained some new "ow-ees".  The windshield had a major crack and a few new dents.

I paid Mr. R the money and drove the jeep.  Mom followed me in my car.  Driving it proved horrendous.  I had a dickens of a time keeping it on the road. I hate driving at night to start with.  Then trying to keep it from wandering off course was not my idea of fun.

My mom always believed that the cheapest car insurance is new tires.  So that was the first thing I did as soon as I could afford them.  When I went to collect the Scout.  The mechanic asked me why I had 4 tires that weren't the same brand, same size, or the same ply.

Understanding dawned on me when he asked, "Wasn't it hard to drive?"


  1. We have friends that really mourned when they had to give up their International Scout.  they camped all over the US from that car.  I'm glad you didn't end up off the road.

  2. I love the surprise at the end--4 different tires!


  3. Great question..."Wasn't it hard to drive?"  Gotta love how mechanics can say so much in so few words.

  4. BTW your link is your name in the comments.  I don't know if you want to fix that.  Looks like people can get here, but your url isn't in the comment box.

  5. The ending gave me an unexpected chuckle. I'm left wondering if the previous owner had four different tires when he drove it or if he swapped them out mischievously before the sale? 

  6. We use to have a scout, and my husband used to work for International Harvester in Ft. Wayne, IN.  It was a great vehicle.  I'm glad your big problem was just tires. 

  7. Storykeeper FerrisMarch 17, 2012 at 7:15 AM

    I think I may have fixed it.


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