Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby our Foster Pup, Slice 14 of 31

Baby started out as a foster pup.  We were sure she had escaped her yard and some family was frantically looking for her.  That was what we thought.

She followed some kids to school February 12,  2010.  Lyn our psychologist put her in her vehicle because our principal was allergic to dogs.  I was walking down the hall when Lyn and Marie were discussing what to do with her.  They both looked at me and said "Ruthie will taker her."

"No. Ruthie won't take her.  We already have 3 dogs.  I don't need a fourth."

Marie - "Dan will be here for lunch with Ruth.  Ask him."

And she did.  Dan agreed to take the pup over the weekend.  When Lyn brought the pup out to the car.  Baby took to Dan like he was her long lost Dad.  It was love at first sight for both of them.

Friends from school made fliers, we checked with the vets, pound, shelters on-line lost pets everywhere.  After a month we took her to the vet for her shots.

We thought of different names but kept calling her the baby.  So when it was obvious that she was ours that was the name she ended up with.

Baby was a chewer.  Among other things she ate over 25 baseball caps belonging to Dan and Tom our renter.  She ate books,  she was a busy girl.

We had had her about a year when I saw a sign at the local vet  - Pets of the month "Diesel and Miss-demeanor".  I thought that is what I should have named Baby "Miss-demeanor".  When I shared my thoughts with a friend.  She wrote back not Miss-demeanor - Baby is up to a felony.


  1. This piece makes me laugh, over and over again. The part about ask Dan, the part about her taking to him like a long lost dad, the part about taking her to the vet, about her chewing up the baseball caps. At my school, I am the teacher who people always bring the lost pets to because "Carol will take them home." Just yesterday, I almost brought home a little white terrier mix that was wandering around our school. And yep, usually the ones I get to keep are the Miss Demeanors.

  2. The story of how pets enter our life and hearts is always a good one. I love the name Miss-demeanor.

  3. I enjoyed reading your story of how you got Baby! That's amazing that you have 4 dogs! It must be fun, but a lot of work.--jee young

  4. When I saw the title of your slice I knew I had to read it. I so love dog stories with happy endings. I think this qualifies as a very happy least for Miss-demeanor, I mean Baby.

  5. Baby was a busy girl. My daughter works for a vet. It is amazing what dogs swallow.

  6. She mostly just chewed them up. They were fairly intact just non useable.


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