Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Car was Coming Up Behind Me, Slice 5 of 31

The air was crisp and I could feel the air cooling.  Our usually blue sky was grey and getting darker.  I watched the car approach in my rear view mirror. My Prius's back window gave me a great view.   I watched the brown 4 door sedan behind me.  I don't know the make and model,  It did have a sun roof though.

I could see two people in the front seat.  And I could see him in the middle of the back seat, head sticking out the sun roof.  Front feet on the console between the seats, bottom on the back seat.

The head is what caught my attention.  He looked like a tank driver with his head sticking out the opening.  He moved his head watching the surroundings.  As the car came up behind me I got a better look.  He was mostly brown, a little white on his chest and toes.  He would tilt his head and put his nose higher in the air.  As I watched I wondered if his parentage was mixed or if he was a full blood.

As the car passed he appeared to be savoring the wind as his head continued to stick out the sun roof.  He looked like a happy hound.  He looked like a very loved Great Dane.  


  1. How fun. You created such a great description--"He looked like a tank driver with his head sticking out the opening." I loved at the end it was a dog sticking his head out of the sun roof.

  2. I grew up with two Great Danes, and I just had the feeling that this fella was one, too. As Deb said, you wrote with such wonderful visual details.

  3. We have 4 dogs - Max a Boxer Cross (11 years old)
    Lady - Chocolate Lady (11 years old)
    Sammi - Lab/Dane Cross (8 years old)
    Baby - Black Lab (3 years old)

    I love there many antics.

  4. Nice description~ I can picture a very happy, very big dog.

  5. isn't it funny how a brief encounter with something or someone can conjure up so many questions and ideas?

  6. Oh you had me fooled. I thought it was a person!

  7. Great description Ruth. You had me fooled, but not the whole time. It was when you had the head out the window that I ghouth maybe it was an animal. But I also thought you were going to tell you had seen something tall, like maybe a small giraffe!


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