Sunday, March 24, 2013

No Return Ticket - Slice 24 of 31

Have you ever had a line jump out at you and dance through your thoughts?  Sometimes I notice it because of how it intersects with my life.  Thoughts lurking - making connections - weaving in and out.

These are some of the lines that have recently danced just out of reach, then continue to tease me as they pop in and out of my thoughts.  The harder I try to capture them the more elusive they become.

  • Where lives intersect
  • He's lost, well he's taken a mental holiday with no return ticket
These are two lines that have played hide and seek with my thoughts, and memories.  The first line "Where lives intersect" makes me think of all the people whose lives intersect with mine.  What shadows, what glimpses do I notice?  I think of the conversations I have shared on bus rides, restaurants, waiting in line.

The second line I read on a "Non-milk carton" containing a T-shirt.  It made me smile and laugh.  You see there are times I have taken a mental holiday and had no return ticket.  

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  1. What fun, to remember certain lines that seem to be highlighted just for you. I wonder about the intersections in the blogging. While I enjoy getting to know many, including you, Ruth, I wonder at the impermanence of it, unless there is a chance of really meeting. Those encounters you mention. I remember a few vividly, funny or interesting people that I've had good conversations with on planes. As for the mental holiday, yes, I've been there too! Thanks, Ruth!


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