Monday, March 18, 2013

Road Trip, Slice 19 of 31

My friend Ginny sent me the link to Lost and Found Montana - towns slipping from the map.  Dan and I decided on a "road trip" in search of Alpine Montana.  I had scanned the website but hadn't read deeply.  So I missed some important information.  I realized this upon our return.

We found no single sign with the name Alpine.  I did learn that Alpine sits on or near the East Rosebud Lake Association.  This association was started by a group of investors in 1911. (The wooden sign says it was founded in 1894)  John Branger was one of the investors.

East Rosebud Lake borders the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness.  John's great-grandson Clint Branger is one of 20 men who started the Professional Bull Riders in 1992.  Clint and his family still live on the mountain (Beartooth Mountains)

We learned that there is only 1 year round resident in town and Alpine has a post office only during  the summer.  This is the second summer-time only post office that I know of in Montana.  The other one is in Glacier National Park.

The pictures are of the Beartooths.  They are considered some of the most rugged mountains in the west.


  1. Such beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing. How interesting that they post office only in the summer.

  2. How sad that there are towns lost. You certainly have an adventurous spirit. Those photos are spectacular.

  3. I had to come back because I knew you would have pics for the road trip, Ruth. Beautiful & rugged, they look! I can't imagine being the one resident, yet it is appealing too. Thanks!


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