Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Max the Mechanic, Slice 20 of 31

I have always believed Max is an enchanted boy in a fur coat.  He's eleven going on twelve. His once  blackened face now is almost pure white.  I have so many memories of this furry old man.

A favorite snapshot from my mind is the first time he saw the garbage truck.  He sat outside watching absolutely entranced.  Like a little boy he watched it until it drove away.  His whole body was riveted.

First I should tell you how we came to have him.  Dan pulled into a truck stop in Amarillo, Texas.  Someone was selling puppies over the CB-radio.  Dan went inside showered, ate.  When he came out the guy with the puppies drove by.  Dan called him over and asked about the puppies.  The guy said he had two left and handed Max to Dan.  Dan never even saw the other puppy.  The guy wanted twenty five dollars.  Transaction made the guy drove away.

Max was very young probably 5 or six weeks old.  Barely weaned.  Now he was going down the road in a semi.  Dan stopped at a Walmart got dog food, collar, leash and a water dish and puppy pads.

Max was such a little guy.  Dan had his hands full driving and trying to care for a pup.  You know puppy pee and poop.

When Dan called me the next day he had discovered Max was infested with flees and ticks.  He asked me what to do.  I told him to get rid of the ticks.  I told him not to buy a flea collar because those hopping devils would vacate the dog and he would never get them out of his truck.

His company wanted him to go to Canada, so he had to explain that he had a pup with no papers.  So they brought him home.  I took him to the vet and got him cleaned up - and de-wormed.  They said they usually won't treat a pup as young as Max with anti flea stuff.  After he was treated he came home with me.

I was already a pet parent to Corduroy.  She was a 13 year old diabetic labrador/cross.  Her mom was a golden lab and her dad was a traveling man.  I suspected he had coyote heritage.  She was a beautiful brindle.  She had always been an only child.  I had no idea how she would behave with the pup.    

She liked him.

My mom, who had Alzheimers, was curious about the pup.  He had not been with us long when she looked at him and then at me and said - "it wiggles".   Nodding, "I responded he certainly does that."

Peggy,  Dan's daughter named him Max the Mechanic because he looked like he had grease smeared across his face from working on a car.  He was so little when Dan brought him home.


  1. He sounds like such a cute dog who began his life in such a rough and tumble way...

  2. I really enjoyed this piece. A wonderful character description, well sketched for the reader. As a dog owner, I felt a strong connection. Max landed in a great place...

  3. Margaret OuelletteMarch 20, 2013 at 4:01 AM

    How endearing. Your story gave me lots of connections to how our dog Samantha came into our lives. I will have to write her story.

  4. I love the way you describe him with the garbage truck, riveted. I can picture that so clearly in my mind. He was certainly a lucky dog the day he ended up in your husband's truck.

  5. "Furry old man" I had to read the beginning a couple of times before "getting it", but when I did, I was "enchanted" myself. Loved your descriptions! Had to reread so I could laugh again at the "traveling man" father of Max! Thanks for making this bright spot in my day!

  6. Special description, Ruth. Now that he's older, how is he doing? Glad to hear about such a sweet pet. I miss having a dog, maybe someday?

  7. He's doing pretty good. I just worry because of his age.


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