Sunday, March 10, 2013

Part 2 - Connecting a Historical Event to Montana - SOL 11 of 31

Why should you use different primary sources about the same topic?  Different sources show different points of view.  They can show contradictory information.  It is also a way to scaffold the research process.  Students make predictions and provide evidence for their opinions. Using a Voki is one way to introduce novelty into the lesson.  It makes the lesson more memorable.

This clipping is from the November 12, 1921 edition of the New York Tribune.  The full page can be viewed by clicking on the pdf link below the clipping.

Further Back Ground Information

Here is another resource:

This quote is from the 1921 Associated Press text -"The Unknown Soldier".  These are newspaper pages that ran 1921 when the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was first interred.  Chief Plenty Coup was one of the people in attendance.  He left his War Bonnet and his Coup Stick on the Tomb.  These 21 pages can be downloaded free as an e-book.


  1. I'm going to need to look at Voki...amazing what is out in our world. xo

  2. It is amazing what all is there. I know there are other sites with avatars. I have used Voki - It has been well received when I have used it with my students.


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