Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Love Found Poetry - Slice 27 of 31

Found Poetry  - Inspired by Persnickety by Steven Cosgrove

Her house is filled with dragons,
Her socks are always clean.

In a land of magic mountains and dreams,
There lived some mighty dragons.

The dragons really couldn’t scare anyone.

For if you looked very carefully
You would note that all the dragons
Wore wooly socks upon their feet.

Nothing is very scary about a dragon
Who wears wooly socks.


  1. Your poem reinforces the notion that FOUND poems are magical. Thanks.

  2. Where...? What a wonder of a poem. I wish I was a great artist who could quickly sketch that dragon with the woolly socks! It's a picture book in the making, Ruth!

  3. Persnickety by Stephen Cosgrove was one of the Serendipity books and was published in 1988.

    As I was going through books today some of the lines in this book danced through my mind. I really wish you were a great artist who would paint this poem.


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