Monday, March 25, 2013

What is a Friend? Slice 25 of 31

Connections.  I have "met" many people because of blogging.  I've gotten to know them in different ways than my other friends.  I think of favorite characters from my books - what would happen if they could write?  How would the stories change?  How would we change?  How would are definition of friends change?

Friendships - there are many blogs I read frequently over the year.   Through there writing I get to "know" them.  I get a glimpse at their "real" lives not just their "virtual" one.  Online friends have encouraged and supported me at different times.  I have often appreciated their insight and wisdom.

You have helped me to become a better writer and teacher.  I have learned of classes, programs, teaching methods.  My world is richer because of our connections.

In time I wonder if we will have words in our language to distinguish friends that we know only on-line from friends we know in person.  I have friends from school, from the military, from ...

My friendships ebb and flow.  I have been blessed with many friends.  I have been blessed with friends who have been by my side for many years.

How do you define friendship?


  1. I enjoy these virtual friendships, too. It's funny to know someone by their little icon, screen name, and writing, but I feel like i do. I learn so much from all of you. Thanks for being my friend.

  2. Friendship can't be described in one or two words its a feeling we have in our hearts... A feeling so warm and comfortable!

  3. There are a few, I think I can count six, not counting family, that I've known since high school or college. I can call them in the middle of the night, any time & they will listen and comfort and if needed, they'll come to be with me. I would do the same. I think that's what I think of as friendship. There are a few of you who have given such comfort to me this year & if needed, if I was so alone, I think that I might ask you for help, & I have once asked for prayers as you know, from you & everyone else I knew. And I received help, for which I am really grateful. Your question about different 'names' is interesting, Ruth. It will be interesting to see what happens. Cheers to blogging friends who use words kindly, a most important thing! Thanks for your thoughtful post!

  4. You keep me thinking. I got a phone call from a childhood friend. We haven't seen for years, but it felt comfortable and natural talking to her. We talked about other people in our lives and struggled with defining friendship.
    I know that I appreciate the trust, honesty and encouragement people have in the SOL community. Isn't that part of a friendship definition?


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