Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inspired By A Single Word - Slice 17 of 31

Inspired By a Single Word - Slice

My poem was inspired by Linda at Teacher Dance and what she wrote about David Harrison’s blog and his one word challenge .  This month’s word is snake.

The Snake

Driving down the road
A hawk
A fence post.
I asked
Go back?

He balked.
It would be gone. 

It wasn’t. 

Her feathers

She watched.
The camera clicked.

Her wings extended,
She lifted into the sky,
Her prize dangling.

Ruffled feathers
Of the life and
Death battle
She waged and won

In victory
She flew.
The snake


  1. Ruth, I'm so late reading & missed your kind 'link' to my post. Thank you very much. I hope you added your poem on David's post, & this time a link to the post. This is incredible. You have good such a good eye for those pics.

  2. Wow, this is a neat set of pictures-you captured the moment so well in your poem! Even without the pictures, I could imagine the scene!

  3. It works! The word and the image. Together- amazing. And bravo for stopping for this moment.

  4. The poem was great, but the bonus was at the end, photos to compare the visual image from the mind to the actual event. I'm go glad you were able to go back. Amazing!

  5. Loved this - the poem first and then the amazing photographs. Such a treat!

  6. Wow! What an unbelieveable moment you have captured! And the photographs at the end are gorgeous!

  7. You made something so "gross" so fascinating! :) The things we can do with words!

  8. Wow - so glad you went back! Awesome poem and the photos are an added bonus!

  9. a slice and a bite - your succinct descriptions have really captured this moment of witnessing the majesty of these birds and the intensity of their hunts


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