Thursday, March 28, 2013

Outside the Window Slice #29

Swirling sand
Whirling through the air.  
Windows pummeled by itsy bitsy flying rock.
Pings - small rocks thrown hitting glass.  
Engulfed in a curtain of sand
Metal – sand blasted.

White knuckles grip the wheel
The car rocks
The air rumbles and grumbles
The dull roar becomes louder

Suddenly metal screams
It tears and twists
Careening into other metal.

Twisting, twirling,
Limbs fly,
Darkness descends
A vortex of flying sand swirls
Sand drops.

Now silent, and still  
Cars sit crumpled and twisted.
The metal debris -
Broken bodies lay twisted.


  1. Scary! I hope that wasn't from experience! We had a twister go over our old stone house in Minnesota, tearing down the new home we were building just yards away. No one was hurt fortunately.

  2. I guess that was from theory, not experience? I was almost in a major tornado When I was about 12. It hit a big 'dip' in a road, and swerved on. Guess I'll never forget it. My school was badly damaged so school ended early that year. I like that second verse about the car rocking-scary!

  3. Frightening! The line "suddenly metal screams" was a chilling image.


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