Saturday, March 14, 2015

#14 - The Wind Whispers

Today was my technology day.  A group of teachers from around the area meet.  We have teacher facilitators sharing ideas, knowledge and skills.  I always look forward to attending Cadre.  Today is the last for this year.  Today is PI day - fun to celebrate.  So why do I feel empty, tired distant?

I just came in.  Its warm outside.  I see green plants peeking out of the ground and even a few early bloomers.  The breeze is stirring a few tenacious leaves still attached to tree limbs dance and flutter. I can hear the bell like tones as the chimes keep the rhythm of the whistling wind.  All this framed by a gray sky.

Warm outside
Green plants peeking
Flowers blooming early
Tenacious leaves still clinging to branches
Dance and flutter
Chimes ring and call
As the wind whispers
To the gray sky.

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  1. I love this part: "As the wind whispers to the gray sky." It makes it sound like there is a secret agreement between the wind, the sky and the pending spring!


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