Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SOLC #10, Technology That's Good, No That's Bad

We are on cable.  Recently the remote had not been working.  I had replaced the batteries still nothing.  When I called my husband before heading home he mentioned that he had been to Charter and had gotten a new remote.  (That's good)

I asked, "How did it work?"

Silence, "I wish I had left the TV on before I left.  The girl said that it was preprogramed and to get the codes was easy.  I couldn't get anything to come on." (No, that's bad.)

My inner-voice says that is never a good sign when a tech person says its easy.  "I'll look at it when I get home."  I did.  there were instructions in English. (That's good.)  I didn't understand them. (No, that's bad.)

I played with the buttons.  The screen stayed black.  Dan says, "The girl said we could call and they would walk you through it."  (That's good.)

"Yah I know.  We have a DVD hooked to it.  I don't know enough to understand the wiring to be able to answer their questions."  (No, that's bad.)

"Dan, why don't you call Pat and see if he has time to come over?" (Dan's nephew-in-law) (That's good.)

He won't be home until later. (No, that's bad.)

Later he comes by.  Reads the instructions.   Gets a picture.  (That's good.)  Picture goes away. (No, that's bad.)  Continues to work.  Occasionally assisted by Tank our Dane/Lab mix.  (That's Good?)

Finally he is satisfied.  The picture stays on.  You can change channels.  (That's good.)  I asked what did you do?"

"I don't know."  (No, that's bad.)

I take the remote to make sure I can successfully change channels and turn the machine off and then turn it back on.  I try.  Some of the things I'm doing works.  Some not so much.  Finally I think I have the sequence down.

Yes, I can successfully run this remote. (That's good)  And there was a time in my youth that you could get up turn a knob and change the channel (all two) or turn it off.  The power of technology.


  1. I love the good/bad format! I hate getting something new and going through the learning stage of how to work it. Good luck, hope you have mastered the buttons.

  2. Me too! It was a fun slice to write, once I had the thing working.

  3. Congratulations on getting the remote to work. You just gotta love technology. We are getting a new internet/phone/TV provider today. I can't wait to see what kinds of problems we will face.

  4. Good luck - you may have new material for several slices.

  5. I laughed and cried. Laughter because the dialogue is so spot on, and the good/bad is pointed, dry, and fun. Cried because I've had my own frustrations dealing w/ technology. I have fewer problems w/ tech at work, where i have more devices to manage, than I have at home.

  6. I really enjoyed your "that's good" "No, that's bad" format. It set up a nice rhythm to the piece. Hope you're still in a good phase! Thanks for sharing.


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