Saturday, March 28, 2015

How Do You Use Trading Cards?

Do you collect trading cards?  Do you create them?  If you do how do you use them?

Sports trading cards have been a main attraction.  I remember boys collecting cards when I was a kid.  I don't think I paid much attention though.   As an adult I'm still not collecting but am more aware.

The Library of Congress (think primary sources) have  a great collection of the old sports trading cards.  You can download copies of them at

For many years our district created trading cards of high school students - these students were chosen because of their accomplishments in academics, sports, music, etc.  The cards were given to the elementary schools to be used as rewards for goals chosen by the schools.  The kids on the trading cards came around and talked to the younger kids.  The kids who collected the most at the end of the time period got to have lunch with the trading card kids.

Recently I learned that many of the National Parks have created a set of trading cards (these can be downloaded) or collected in person.  The theme is Civil War to Civil Rights.   You can find out more at this site .    You can download them from flickr here

Here are some unusual ways cards have been used:

Ways to create your own cards:
Bingo Card Maker -


  1. As a kid I did collect the cards that came in the gum wrappers. Pity I never kept them. The one set of cards I did keep, however, (and I have two complete sets) are JFK cards.
    I have never used trading cards in school, but these sure are some interesting ideas.

  2. SO cool! I love all the different ways folks are using them!

  3. I collected things that came in Wheaties boxes-a grandpa ate a lot of Wheaties! A nephew has a huge collection of baseball cards, still collecting! I had no idea that others did different things with their own creations. This would be a fun art project for my students!

  4. This is a fabulous post. Thank you for sharing this idea and the resources.

  5. I love the possibilities. I have an account at teacherspayteachers and there are many great trading cards. Lots of ideas to think how I would use them.

  6. Thank you for that tip. I also have a teacherspayteachers acct but have never seen these. Granted I have never looked before. I will now!


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