Thursday, March 19, 2015

Who Do You Think Should Be On the $20 Bill?

I think our money has become citizen art and helps tell our history.  I sporadically look closely at the money I spend.  During the state quarters it seemed there was lots of publicity and excitement.  The other day someone drew my attention to a quarter, on the back it said "Homestead".  I wondered about it as I fed it to the pop machine.

On the news tonight I heard about the Women on twenty's campaign .    A secondary reason for removing President Jackson from the twenty dollar bill is for his role in the Trail of Tears.

The first person I saw was a picture of Alice Paul.  She took an active role in working for women gaining suffrage. She organized a huge parade of women on March 3, 1913 the day before President Wilson's inauguration.    She organized the "Silent Sentinels" (this was the first time that anyone picketed the White House).  Women maintained a silent vigil at all the White House entrances.     Women maintained the vigil 6 days a week from January 1917 through June of 1919.

There are 15 candidates and everyone is being invited to vote for three.  All fifteen women are amazing women.  These women made huge contributions to American society.  You can vote for your choice at

I think it is time to put women on the money.


  1. Wow! This is awesome. I'm off to check that link out. I agree - let's start celebrating the awesome women in history!

  2. Thanks for sharing about this. I did see a headline somewhere about it, but I didn't know it was seriously a campaign that was happening. I LOVE that they are working on celebrating women.


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