Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In Search of Zebras

I mentioned before that my husband loves road trips.  So Saturday we went searching for Zebras on the Montana plains.  I can see you raising your eyebrows, as you think to yourself, "Zebras are not native to Montana."  You of course would be correct. However that does not mean they are not there.

A few months ago Dan was looking at the local pictures on his Weatherbug app.  He showed me a picture of a pair of zebras.  Now that isn't unique.  What made it unique was that the picture was taken near Plevna, Montana.  Plevna is about 200 miles from Billings.

When we talked to Dan's kids they knew about the zebras but hadn't seen them.   So Saturday we took a road trip.  It was cold and blustery with occasional dancing snowflakes.

We looked for the zebras where we thought they would be.  No zebras.  We drove into Plevna and talked to a lady headed for the community hall.  We asked her about the zebras.  She told us where they could usually be found.  We told her that was where we had looked.  She leaned forward and gently explained that they didn't care much for the cold weather.  She figured they were probably spending the day in their barn.  Thanking her we drove away.

Again we looked for the zebras.  Not finding them we went to explore the Terry Badlands.  I took some pictures, unfortunately my camera is not talking to my computer.  I do have a picture to share.  It was taken by Evelyn Cameron about 1905.

I think I will wait till it warms up before going to search for zebras again.

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  1. What an adventure! Your post raised me curiosity about the possibility. What else might we find if we're willing to go out and look for it?


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