Monday, March 23, 2015

Living Gluten Free: the Journey

My journey with living gluten free actually started a few years ago after reading a Slice of Life .  I started reading about "One Little Word".  I chose health for my one little word for 2013.  A positive word.

What followed was much different than I imagined.  I was starting with a new doctor and new tests.  He was concerned with my liver level enzymes.  More tests - I was not hearing back from the good doctor so decided to try my own research.

I started with Mayo clinic website.  As I looked at possibilities many I was able to eliminate out of hand.  Towards the bottom was "gluten sensitivity" could be the culprit.   My mind thought ah this will be an easy check.  I have a new test in two weeks I will eliminate gluten and see if it makes a difference.  (For those who understand, yes I was NAIVE with capital letters.)

I went gluten free, I was clueless.   About two weeks in we met friends for dinner.  I ordered the broasted chicken and peeled off the skin thinking problem solved.  Before we left my stomach was queazy.  We got home - I spent the next three hours in the bathroom, vomiting and coping with problems on the other end.

I realized that peeling the skin off did not solve my problem.  The meat was pressure cooked forcing the gluten into the meat.  I also realized that I did have a sensitivity.

The next round of tests took me to a new doctor.  I asked about testing for gluten sensitivity.  She said that in order to get a good reading I would need to be eating gluten when they tested me.  Once the results were back the only thing they would tell me was not to eat it.  I decided to skip the tests, I already knew that answer.

Sadly it was not the answer to the liver problem.  They decided they had no answer and would continue to monitor.  I have now been living gluten free since January 2013.

Fortunately I have many more choices than people had even five years ago.  Then there is the internet, lots of support.  I have friends and family who look for new foods to share.  And I have a husband who reads labels.  I am truly blessed.


  1. Your journey seems to be a lot like mine. I also did not do the tests either. I didn't need to. I stopped all gluten just over 5 months ago. When I cut it out, my life became pretty normal again within 2 weeks. I kept going to see if it could be a placebo effect, but it doesn't seem to be. When I eat something and have a reaction, I research the foods to find the culprit, and there always is one - something hidden or you wouldn't think of - a gravy, a sauce, "one grill cooks all", etc. My husband, also, is very helpful in reading labels with me and making sure I don't get some by accident. And life is much easier!

  2. Also check your makeup including lipstick. When I feed the dogs I always wash my hands well so I don't touch something else.

  3. Thankfully you found the way to better health for you. Gluten does hide in places you least suspect it.

  4. Great that you were able to figure out the culprit and that you have a husband who helps make sure you don't accidentally ingest something that will cause problems. Continued good health.

  5. My daughter has celiac woes and so has been gluten free for many years - so many more options these days, which makes life better.

  6. Wow I think it must be especially hard for a young person. According to some of the research I have read 45% of Americans have some kind of gluten sensitivity. (Sensitive - Celiac) Most have yet to be diagnosed. Here is hoping for more options for everyone.


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