Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guardian Angel Working Overtime

March 10th was a day of miracles for my family.

Dan, my husband, and Fred, a friend were taking the 4 wheelers to ride up on Pryor Mountain. I called about 3 and they had stopped for a break and were sitting still.  The day had been warm.  He sounded good.

I was still at school when the phone rang at 4:25.  Dan said they were loading up and heading home would I have the mobility-scooter in the driveway?  He told me had a wreck on the 4-wheeler and was hurting really bad.  I packed up and headed home.  I moved the scooter to the drive way knowing he was still at least an hour away.  I was hoping that Fred was driving.

I called his cell at 4:46 hoping to get more information.  The call dropped. I called back.  Dan told me that he had been catapulted over a 15-20 foot embankment.  He was hurting and he was the one driving.  I told him I would talk to him when he got here.

5:48 called him again.  He was within a couple of blocks to the house.  Fred unloaded the 4-wheelers and unhooked the trailer.  Dan argued with me about going to the hospital.  Finally he agreed to go to same day clinic.  I left and didn't think about taking either a book or my ipad.

Fred's phone met water recently.  So Terri had called me.  I told her Dan had got hurt and were heading for the hospital.  She asked if he was ok.  I said he was going to live from the accident.  I was worried and scared and said I would wait till he got better to "kill him".

Fred drove us to the hospital.

Dan's son calls and Dan tells him what happened.  He gets checked in.  A series of medical personnel talk to him.  Each time a new medical person came in they asked him what happened.  Finally, they took him to the Emergency Room.   We met him there. They admitted him.  Fred waited in the waiting room.

They found a room for him - did vitals and then moved him to another room. 6:48 I text Dan's daughter. 7:25 I start calling subs. 7:41 I text my principal.  Eventually they take him to X-ray and for a CT scan.   I go tell Fred what's going on.

The tests come out positive - No broken bones, not internal injuries, no head injuries.   Fred drives us home it is now after 11:00.  We are home talking.  I am on the computer working on what still needs to be done.

Dan, "When I talked to you about the wreck, you didn't ask if the 4-Wheeler was ok."

"Honey, it wasn't even on my radar.  I was worried about you."

Yesterday Dan's Guardian Angels worked overtime.  We were truly blessed.


  1. Oh yes, the angel was working overtime. Those "toys" scare me to death. What a relief that all is well and he is home.

  2. So glad those angels were working overtime, and what about the 4 wheeler?

  3. Not a scratch. It was still upright and running a tree had prevented it from going over. Fred said it had gone far enough forward that it probably wouldn't have run over dan even if it had gone off the embankment also.

  4. Dan is very careful. No showboating, just riding.

    I am just grateful.

  5. So happy to hear he's ok! I appreciate the sentiment of waiting for him to feel better before killing him; I think my wife could relate to that ;)

  6. Yes! I am sure she probably could. I can't imagine what provokes us to feel that way. LOL

    1. Oh, probably frustration for making ya'll worry! ;)


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