Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bacon Flavored Kisses

Baby our black lab is a little spoiled around the edges.  She has my husband well trained, however.  You see it was love at first sight for both of them when she came to us. I digress.

Monday my husband had breakfast at the Hogg Wild Cafe.  Monday our high was about 45 degrees and a low of 15, with snow flurries.  He had brought home a slice of bacon but forgot it in the pickup.   When he came home from running some errands that evening he brought it in.

Baby was sitting on top of the crate waiting for him.  She quickly smelled the bacon.  Dan sat down near her and waited for her customary kiss.  Baby was focused on the bacon.  Dan talked with her, explaining she could have her treat as soon as he got his kiss.

She was not listening.  She waited.  Dan cajoled.  Then he turned and laughed as I watched him run the bacon over his lips.  The whole time Baby was watching and waiting.  Dan waited.  Baby waited expectantly for her treat.  Dan waited for his kiss.  They waited.  Finally Dan gave in and gave her the treat, then she gave him a kiss.

She wouldn't settle for bacon flavored kisses, she wanted the real deal.

Update  I just read the poetry post thought I would give it a try.

Black lab
Spoiled around the edges.  
She has my husband well trained.
It was love at first sight for both of them,
Breakfast at the Hogg Wild Cafe 
Chilled bacon from the pickup

Baby waiting
On top of the crate
Dan waiting for her kiss 
Baby focused on bacon
Dan explained she could have her treat
When he got his kiss

She waited.  
Dan cajoled.  
I watched and waited
As he ran the bacon over his lips  
Baby watched
Dan waited.  
Baby waited for her treat.  
Dan waited for his kiss.  
They waited.  

Dan gave in.
Then she gave him a kiss.
They shared bacon flavored kisses.


  1. Dogs are relentless for the treat, aren't they? Funny story. I envy you your dog, still miss having one. Maybe someday? Your weather sounds better than ours, but warmer times are coming!

  2. Love it. My dog is very stingy with his kisses too. Dewey is also a black lab. Coincidence? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great post! Lab's have a spunky personality, don't they? A friend in my writing group has compared her own dog to a goat because she will eat anything. My lab will eat ANYTHING AS WELL-- especially bacon!

  4. We have a kisser named Puck, and he is always at "the cookie jar." Snug is stingy w/ his kisses, unlike Puck. Love those dogs. Fabulous poem.

  5. So funny, her focus on the bacon! Not surprising... dogs are excellent human-trainers!

  6. Dogs are so funny! We have an 8 year old black lab. We always feed her when we eat so she won't bother us. But one Wednesday we ran out of dog food. She kept rubbing up against my leg, resting her head on my thigh, walking by her bowl so I finally told her "I have nothing for you. You are going to have to wait until after Bible study. I'll pick you up something on the way home" I never said the word food because I knew she's get excited. But she spun in a circle, plopped down and growled! Like she understood everything I had said! She's never growled at us before, she'll huff but has never growled. I think she's becoming a cranky old women!

  7. I am sure dogs can tell time.

  8. Now I'm glad I didn't get to read this earlier. I love the way you took the original post and did what Betsy suggested. Funny dog and husband!


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