Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#18, What was the Dog Chasing?

I was walking past the office when I heard someone say the dog chased _________.  I didn't hear the last word.  Chasing who or what, my mind tried to make sense of the sentence.  Was it a stray chasing __________?   People didn't seem alarmed.  So not a stray chasing kids.  My mind still tried to sort out the meaning.  Finally I asked, what dog?

Jane said, "the dog across the street".

Not as much information as I wanted.   He's a sweet Spaniel and not barky.   "What was he chasing?"

"The deer. They're gone now."

I stepped into the principal's office to get a better look through her window.  Then I saw them going through someone else's yard, several more houses down the street.

I rarely see them.  One of the neighbors sees them going through the alley as she leaves for work about 6:00 am.  Tom said he thinks they sometimes bed down under the lilacs outside our fence.  When I was talking to Ida about them she told me they often come to her daughters yard to drink from the fish pond.

It hard for me to wrap my head around a herd of deer living in the middle of our city.  Up in the heights there are antelope that stay around some of the schools.  I've been to Helena, our state capitol and you can go to some of the old historic homes and see deer laying in people's yards.  I guess the deer really enjoy the city gardens.  I'm not sure the gardners are thrilled with the deer, but I enjoyed seeing them.

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