Monday, March 16, 2015

#16, Banana Bread to Go

Dan is feeling better.  He is starting to try and torment me.   The stories of my getting lost are legion.  At times when I leave for the store or to run and errand he will ask, "Now do you know how to get there?"  and he will proceed to tell me where it is.

I decided to go get us both a fancy coffee at the nearby CityBrew.  I don't go there very often.  Today when I pull up the young man at the window greets me by name.  Smiling.

I mentally review if he is one of my previous students.  I do not recognize him either as a previous elementary student nor as one of my college students.  Perplexed I wait.

He comes back, grins.  "Your husband called and would like a slice of banana bread."

Laughter, "He said, you would be driving a white Prius."  He continues, "We laughed over the call."  He waits for me to approve the addition.  "Now your name is firmly in my mind."

I laugh and look at his name tag - Ty.  His name is now firmly in my mind as well.

Arriving home I put the banana bread in my purse and carry in the two drinks.  I talk about the drinks and my husband tries to see if I have his requested treat.  I pretend to not know what is going on.

Finally he says, "Did you get the banana bread?"

I let him off the hook and take out the bag and hand it to him.

And we laugh.


  1. Yes, it sounds like your husband is on the mend, thank goodness. It would be a shock to be greeted by name. It great to have a reason to laugh.

  2. If he is up to this call, he is feeling better:) You are kinder than me- I would have hidden it longer.

  3. Hmmm..sounds like a conspiracy to me. Stranger greets by name...says family member called...must take home an object...Ok, I watch way too many spy shows.

  4. The young man said that Dan had told him my name and I would be driving a White Prius. The coffee shop has cameras along the drive up route. When Dan was confessing he told the young man "She has grey hair, drives a white Prius and is named Ruth." The young man get Brownie Points for not mentioning the grey hair!

  5. That's so funny! I think I would maybe have held out a little longer, or maybe added something else to the order to give him instead...or just say, what? Coffee? Banana bread? Whatever are you talking about? I couldn't find it, went to the library instead.

  6. Sounds like Dan gave the baristas something to smile about this morning. This is a funny story, and I enjoyed reading it...a slice of life about a slice of banana bread!

  7. What a great idea. Have to try that next time. LOL!

  8. Oh, love that he did that, Ruth. What a great story. That's the kind of story from a smaller town that we miss. Glad he got his bread!


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