Sunday, March 13, 2016

And Trust

Max my furry friend is still fighting.  I was hoping we would see a quick improvement.  He is still so weak.  But tonight I have a sense of peace.  I was reminded to but my burdens in HIS hands.

Today I have been reading two books.  Both very different.  The 1st is "Yellowstone Kelly" The Memoirs of Luther S. Kelly - Edited by M.M. Quaife.  The 2nd is the Manifestation Process by John Randolph Price.

As I read the Yellowstone Kelly Book, he was a scout in the Montana Territory after the Civil war until the 1880s. Kelly describes many of the areas that he was traveling through.  It gave me a thrill when I recognized the areas from his descriptions.

It was interesting to see his perspective of the Nez Perce conflict.  Kelly was one of Gen Miles scouts that tracked the Nez Perce.

The other book is basically a prayer and meditation exercise book.  It is one of my treasured books.  I was reminded that I need to trust in HIS love.  It is really hard for me to let go and trust.  

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