Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dark Prose

I recently saw these three lines in a card game.  How could I use them in a poem?  A character sketch.

The devil himself.
Children on leashes
Dark and mysterious forces beyond our control

Here is my lead.

Demonic deeds
Discouraging, deadly, depraved
Dark and mysterious force

There was an older blue Ford with out of state plates parked at the edged of the playground.  The man sat watching, occasionally his phone could be seen in his hands.

Children running back and forth, swinging, laughing.

His eyes followed.  Orbs so dark I felt entombed when he looked at me.    The stench of animal decay seemed to ooze out of the open window.  Hurrying my mind tried to brush away fetid breath of the soulless one.

Memories of another time shifted around me.  Screams of despair linger and cling to me.  Who will dance with the devil tonight?

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